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  • Hi! We have to battle in round 1A of Official Smogon Tournament XX. I can play this thursday 25th from 4pm to 10 pm UTC+1. Also, I can play friday 26th from 11am to 12am. If you can't play these days, let me know and try to find the best date. Idk when is the deadline.
    Hey Light, I noticed you are on Cycle 2 of the freedom cup. Congrats!

    Didn't have time to enter myself. But I'd be down to practice with you and help with teambuilding if you are down.

    Just pm me your teams and I'll see if I can improve EVs or something.

    Good luck, Tom
    Hey. Started using your zamazenta + galarcuno team. Thanks! Just thought I'd let you know you made a mistake when ev training your articuno. Always +nature the highest stat after evs, in this case speed, you can get some extra def points while keeping speed at 281 (282 even)
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